Released: March 30th 2023
Platform: PC
Developer: Systemic Reaction
Publisher: Systemic Reaction
Website: Ravenbound Official Website

Ravenbound is a roguelite, open world action game. You are a Vessel to the Raven, an eternal weapon forged by imprisoned Gods. In order to restore order to the island of Ávalt the Raven must rebuild its power - one vessel’s life at the time.
  • Conceptualizing and designing the Narrative Structure
  • Conceptualizing and writing world logic and lore
  • Researching and advising on the themes of Scandinavian folklore, and making them suitable for an open world action game
  • Writing and implementing text, ranging from flavor text to quests and dialogues
  • Working closely with programmers to design and develop a sustainable name and dialogue system for an ever-changing world
  • Working closely with narrative designer Josefine Folkesson, world designers, artists and animation to ensure the success of the story
  • Working closely with the localization team


I joined the Ravenbound team to assist the very talented Josefine Folkesson with writing and implementing the narrative of Ravenbound. She had already laid much of the narrative groundwork, and I had the pleasure of assisting with expanding the lore and heöping out with the research on Scandinavian folklore - a topic that was dear to us both.

Ravenbound was always meant to feature a world that existed beyond one generation's lifetime, and that meant we had to get creative with how characters in the world functioned. We worked closely with the programmers to set up a systematic generation of characters that would combine names upon generation and retain it for the current player characters lifetime. We also strove to make quests that would be automatically generated, yet feel unique and personal through advanced text and string parsing.

As a project, Ravenbound was filled with challenges and complex problems that I had never faced before, and it was also my first time working with another Writer and Narrative Designer. I had a lot of fun on this project and am immensely proud of what we as a team made, even though I would move on to another studio before the game was ready to shiop. | +46 (0)7020 222 77 |